what teacher’s only day is really about…

Each teacher’s only day as there’s no school lunch, the teacher’s at my favourite school (I work between three) cook lunch instead. This usually takes up half the day (followed by dessert). The first teacher’s only day I was here for, we made takoyaki (octopus balls) as in balls of dough with vegetables and bits of octopus not octopus testicles…This time however; we made hormone udon which is fried noodle with cow ENTRAILS. Yes, entrails as in intestines. Luckily, I managed to convince them to make me a vegetarian version  before adding in the gross stuff.

In Japanese supermarkets you can buy a variety of already cooked noodles (soba, udon, ramen etc) so the recipe for this is really in the pictures. First you fry the meat…then the vegges  (cabbage, carrot, capsicum, sprouts) and lastly you add the cooked noodles, special sauce (a sort of bbqish sauce) and seasoning (salt and pepper). Easy as!

PS the tomatoes were our “salad” so don’t add those in.


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