review no27 cafe rocky garden

First and foremost, Cafe Rocky Garden is dedicated to the owner’s deceased corgi. Need I say more? If adorable corgi-inspired decor isnt enough to lure you in, then I don’t know what will! Actually, I lie. The french toast is bloody good too. Situated in Katsuta, Rocky Garden camofolouged by the surrounding greeny (aka Mimasaka) is easy to miss but once you find it, it shall forever stand out (just call me cheese).

In addition to my french toast which was super big and fluffly (as all good french toast should be) I ordered a “cinammon latte” which was actually milky instant coffee, topped with sweet cream, maple syrup and cinnamon powder but, it was seriously divine. According to my colleagues they also do a delicious Japanese curry for lunch.

Whats-more, Cafe Rocky Garden  sells potted plants and vintage knick-knacks, also.

For the location, please address (see what I did there?) the all knowing Godgle as my Japanese/technology-skills fail me here.

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