1. I love this beautiful, beautiful poem! You should compile your poetry, recipes and artwork into a wonderful coffee table book. This is one of my favorite poems of yours, and my favorite pictures you include on this site are the 1) soba-noodle tsunami wave in the koi bowl and the 2) black background with trees which seem like an Iranian and Japanese get-together in feeling/style.

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    1. Why are you so kind to me?! I wish everyone appreciated my blog as much as you do! I really don’t know what to do with my blog or where it’s going.. people say it’s better to focus on one thing i.e. just recipes but I like doing reviews and poetry too! Sometimes I think of starting an alternative magazine but then I know how hard it is for magazines to succeed… I just don’t know! I want so badly to have some sort of direction but at the moment I don’t. So, I am just going with how I feel and posting what I think is worth posting and hoping and praying that people will enjoy it as much as I do.

      The first illustration is from Pinterest so I can’t take credit for that and the second I don’t know which you’re referring to. What post? Much love again xxx


      1. Because you’re awesome! I like the variety of your blog, too — just food would be boring. Like Roo notes, your voice really comes out, and people find and respond to that.

        Now, to be on the serious, but important side, being like a Mum… Lack of direction can be detrimental. You can only take steps to reach a goal when you know what that goal is. I’ve only been happy and successful when I’ve had specific plans based on goals — which succeeded fabulously. The universe (G-d) works with you then (provided it’s okay). Otherwise, you flit from one thing to the next, rootedless. You might have fun, and it might seem okay, and perhaps it’ll work out, but for me, not having direction has been my downfall. A career path to make money to help pay for your needs is important. A trip to the doctors, a pair of glasses, dental repairs, food, a home — lack of which is frightening — takes money and effort. Try to find your way there, and with happiness. Memoir! Coffee table book with Nona as artist! Your own voice seems to be working well for you. If you let others direct you, it may mess you up. Hopefully, G-d will agree with you. Maybe there’s a publisher in NZ or Japan (a good “in” while you’re there)?

        If you have a relationship, make sure the person is nice and treats people well (there’s a nice guy that posts nice things here and has already found you…maybe to find each other? You never know…)

        I visited the Baha’i building in Israel. Strangely, I had a conversation with the security guard there, and we discovered connections — I forget what they are now…Maybe you’ll visit there, one day. It was more awe-inspiring than photos reveal.

        As for the second picture, I don’t seem to be able to find it again. My phone is quirky/buggy, and I’m only getting blue squares with question marks where some photos should be. It had black background, and the trees were pointed at top, like pines, with round balls all throughout…? If anyone out there finds it, please let us know!

        Sorry about the bummer stuff. If my whole reason for existence brought me to this day, just so that I could find your website, and relay that message, seeing that that’s been, like, a huge theme in my life, than I hope I’ve fulfilled my mission and purpose. That, in the end, is the meaning behind a purpose-driven life. Find G-d’s mission for you and fulfill it.


      2. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I am so so so grateful to you for your comment. If all this blogging was to lead me to this moment then it has been worth it. Thank you for being so sweet so lovely. I am overjoyed, really. As for the Bahai Gardens in Israel.. I’m so glad you got to go! I actually served there myself as a Security guard in 2012! Small world! I really am hoping/working hard towards finding what God’s will is for me… I hope I figure it out soon because I agree with you, it’s almost impossible to move forward when you don’t know where you’re moving to! For now, I am trudging along with the memoir… slowly but surely. I promise to continue. Sending much much much love to you! Random question.. do you have Facebook? :) Also where are you from? What do you do?! I want to know more!!


      3. Wow. Unbelievable! See? There’s definitely some Divine spiritual message for us here. I guess it’s for me to impress upon you to choose something — the best thing you can think of that could lead to your success, so that you don’t end up like me. I’m speaking from personal experience. You have so much talent and giftedness that it will coalesce for you. Just be careful not to lose direction.

        I’m from Massachusetts. I love the Bee-Gees song about it! I did, also, just “borrow” a few of your soundcloud songs and started an account, just cuz I liked your music. I don’t really use Facebook, but stick just to blogging. I’m too verbose to tweet and don’t really get the point!

        The successful time I mentioned was actually the time I went to Israel. It was a goal I needed to plan for — working to pay my passage, buy things for the trip, etc. I went as a volunteer for almost nine months to support my beleaguered brothers and sisters of Israel — it’s an unfortunate matter of life and death for us. Being a guard at the Gardens, then, I know you understand. I am so blessed to have gone. Twice, actually. Like Queen Helena, I could feel what happened in the Land beneath my feet. In Be’er Sheva, I was walking along the street, praying to G-d for a fork, a simple fork, just to make my life easier that I might have a fork with which to eat (and not just a little plastic spoon). Suddenly, my feet were directed across like a two-lane street, over like a two-lane width median, over another two-lane Street, to this old structure (I don’t know what it is), where there was, on the ground, a fork at my feet when I stopped. G-d really resides in Israel! He can make miracles elsewhere, but it’s kind of a far-off distant voice. So, dance through your memoirs! I’m excited about them!

        I’ve never actually b”done” anything, other than 5 million different things (“flitting”), so I’m serious when I say you’ve gotta pick something and stick to it! Because now, I’ve had horrible outcomes, the economy is terrible and nobody will hire me and you don’t want to wind up in my shoes thirty years from now (our age difference)!
        paths successful p


      4. Aw Randy! Thank you for sharing your story about Israel.. wow so so incredible. There are actually endless writings in the Bahai faith about the power of Israel and in particular, it’s miracles!! I cannot even explain how I feel right now.. just WOW!

        I understand what you are saying.. perhaps there is not one right answer? Perhaps I simply need to choose one thing and just do it? I remember reading a random anonymous saying on the internet, it went something like: “you can do anything but you cant do everything”. So maybe I can be a chef or a full-time food blogger, or a cook book author or a writer or a restaurant owner but I cannot be all of them. So I must choose..! OK I choose Memoir for now. One step at a time !


      5. I think I might have read about the Baha’i faith a bit, but long ago. And the reason for the beautiful structure being in Israel.

        It would be folly to accept advice from a fool (paraphrasing Proverbs, Solomon). Totally appreciate King Cy, of Persia, for not only “letting our People go”, but for sending building materials and helpers in order to assist the Jewish people to build the House of G-d for His Temple in Jerusalem. That is true love between Israel and Iran, not this phony-baloney saber-rattling going on…


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