japanese vending machines

It’s true, Japanese vending machines stock everything and by everything I mean everything, like in the strongest sense of the word. Soft drinks, hot tea, noodles, umbrellas, cigarettes, beer, wine, fresh eggs, fresh flowers, toys, batteries, designer condoms, bags of rice, yes rice and much much more. Moreover, they’re literally everywhere… even in Ohara (the ruralest of the rurals) there are vending machines every 1,2,3 max 10 meters. I’m not exaggerating. I speak the truth!! Anyways, my favourite so far has been the variations of green tea which are available both hot and cold! Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this but the Japanese are constantly drinking green tea, I think that may be one of the reasons why they’re so thin/healthy! As a matter of fact…I recall an ex work-mate of mine losing around 20kg from constantly drinking green-tea… hmmm something to ponder (you know, since the world today, revolves around being skinny).

Vending machines
selling ONE dollar
cans of HOT
green tea,
which may i add
are supposedly
negative calories,
where the hell
all my life,
have you been?
Shut up and take
my change money!
All of it.

One comment

  1. so interesting….and their toilets are fantastic!….my husband just traveled to hakuba and tokyo and came home raving about the latrine! hmmmm….life is good in Japan!


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