scrambled eggs in the microwave

So as with anything in life, there are pros AND cons to my new abode. For instance, my little home doesn’t really have a stove..or an oven.. well, I have one single stove thing but it takes AGES to heat up and even longer to COOL down. In short, it’s shit and it wastes a lot of energy! So today, I experimented by making scrambled eggs in the MICROWAVE. Obviously this has been done before as there are numerous recipes posted over the internet but I am so overjoyed at my success that I just HAD to share the “recipe” with you! 1 free range egg 1/4 cup milk Place both ingredients in a microwave safe cup and whisk until combined. Microwave on high for 50 seconds, stir. Then microwave for a further 45 seconds. To finish, sprinkle with seasoning – I used Japanese 7 spice. Oh my goodness; so fluffy and quick! Why hadn’t I made this before?!

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