life in japan


Oh my goodness! When I initially started this blog I made a pact with myself to post every single freakin’ day and for about 6 months I did. However; life happens. Japan, Okayama, Mimasaka City, OHARA (super small town) happened and I was left internetless. After the initial panic-stricken days of the life that is no-intanetto, I began to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be blogging for a while. However; I have not stopped exploring, thinking, cooking and eating out. In fact, I have been doing a whole lot of that. 

As a matter of fact, becoming a country resident has got me thinking a variety of things. For instance; instead of prescribing anti-depressants, doctors should instruct their patients to simply ride a bike. Riding through the serene countryside of Ohara, has undoubtedly been one of the most peaceful/pleasant/joyful experiences of my entire life! Of course, I’m sure the beautiful mountains, sakura carpets, adorable elderly farmers and ancient houses, which by the way, reminded me very much of the buildings I built/clicked a mouse to build during those long and seemingly pointless hours of Age of Empires as an adolescent, also contributed to the entirety of my experience – that and riding down-hill.

Most of you are aware of the reason for my coming to Japan (to teach English) but very few of you actually know of my secret side mission. A couple months ago, while flying from the South island of New Zealand to visit my cousin in the North Island I experienced an epiphany of some-sort. As I nosily scanned the airplane out of boredom, I noticed over half the passengers were occupied reading. Now, whether their reading material were magazines, novels, kindles or even safety cards is irrelevant. What sparked my imaginary lightbulb though, was the fact that there is, in this big wide world, so much stuff to read! As in, someone (actually many someones) have had to have written them all. Meaning, I can do it too. I can write a book. And I’m going to.

The what, where, why, when, how’s are as of yet, unknown. However, so far, this birth-land of the beautiful Haiku has inspired me to rekindle my love of writing poetry. As always, I would love to/am itching to hear your feedback.

Love always,


  1. funny….I moved to Sweden and I was so diligent writing blog posts DAILY….first 10 months….then weekly, then monthly and then a year passed….and since coming from USA and a small town with no sidewalks, I had a new found love affair with the bike as transportation….my epiphany was that everyone should lose their car and walk/ride for their supper….for everything! Would be less need for gym memberships too. Looking forward to what you write!!

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