practice, makes: (vegan rice paper rolls)


After sharing my rookie mistake of soaking all my rice paper rolls for over a minute, all together (huge mistake), my lovely readers gave me a few tips/suggestions of how it should really be done.

So, I tried again and they weren’t perfect but who cares, they were made and they were delicious.

1 packet of rice paper (found at the international section of your supermarket)
Thinly cut veggies: I used capsicum (red and yellow), carrot, cucumber, avocado and corriander (try to use as many colours as possible, I assume, beetroot would work well also tofu, mint and basil mmm)

Also, a packet of rice paper at the supermarket here is only $2.50, which seriously blows my mind.

So, and I’m no expert but basically you soak the rice paper INDIVIDUALLY in warm water for 2-3 seconds. The packet instructs 30 seconds but that’s too long – they may become too delicate and rip. Then you transfer the paper onto a damp surface (I used a chopping board) and begin to assemble the rolls. The paper may seem too hard to begin with but it will continue to soften as you fondle it. I.e add your fillings and begin the rolling process.

There are a hundred and one videos on the internet on how to roll rice paper but you won’t truly get it until you practice. As you can see, most of mine look demented. But hey, that’s okay!

Also, 1 packet makes WAY more rolls than pictured above; I just couldn’t find a plate that fit them all without having to stack.

Lastly, a big shout out to Genie from Bunny Eats Design and Jen from Utterly In Love for making this post possible! X


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