review no25 posh porridge/pancakes


Okay first up, this review is so overdue it’s not even funny but here goes.

Posh porridge takes the humble oat to a whole new world (yes, much like Aladdin does Jasmine). I mean, let’s just say, if Goldilocks were to sample this glorious porridge, she’d probably turn into a ravenous bear herself and violently hijack their stand. They (3 lovely vendors who I see operating Posh Porridge every Saturday) serve up the most (and seriously trust me when I say this) delicious porridge (well duh) you can find not only from 9am-1pm on a Saturday in CHCH but EVER. Ah, I sense you scepticism. If you’re not quite convinced and you’re sitting there reading this like: “ah I don’t know, my dad makes some pretty mean oats” then allow the following flavour combinations to blow your mind:

fig & ginger compote, dark chocolate, pistachio crumble
passionfruit curd, meringue coconut crumble, berry crush
banana, toffee sauce, roast almonds
poached rhubarb, vanilla bean custard, crumble

Do I really even need to continue?

As if creating the most delicious oatmeal in CHCH weren’t enough, PP occasionally mix up their menu and also provide delicious pancakes (equally dressed with posh and flavoursome toppings) and bircher muesli/overnight oats which is seriously on trend right now.

So Christchurch gave us an epic summer this year with bits and pieces still lingering about but as the colder months creep in, there’s no other disposable plate my frosty mitts would rather be clutching on a Saturday morning than a bowl of hot organic oatmeal. However, arguably the most popular stand at the Farmer’s Market, PP tends to get quite busy so be prepared to have to fight your way through the crowd in order to place your oatmeal request then hover close by with the millions of other porridge-eaters until your name is called. Although the queue is constant, the wait is seriously worth it!


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