Walk It Off

With SO many saliva inducing eateries continously poppng up in our neck of the woods, I find myself (and by that I mean my jean buttons are starting to get uncomfortably tight) in desparate need of a walk, or two. In fact, the glorious summer weather happening here in Chrischurch lately has me believing that even Mother Nature herself is ever so gracefully (in the form of blue skies and sunshine) nudging us to dust the cobwebs off our poor, neglected nikes and get our lycra coated butts outside. Without further adieu, the following is a brief list of some of Christchurch’s most terrific walking tracks to get you started.

Hagley Park:
Call me Captain Obvious but I feel it’d be plain rude not to give Hagley Park a mention! Not only is our glorious Mother of all Parks drop-dead-gorgeous during any season/time of day but in addition, Hagley park is also conveniently fitted with exercise stations, picnic benches, drinking fountains, toilets and even BBQs (exercise leads to hunger) to further enhance our HP (Hagley Park not Harry Potter) experience. With plenty of parking and such easy access, you have zero excuses.

Halswell Quarry:

The track at Halswell Quarry is super foresty and super narrow. This means two things. One: the track is naturally beautiful – flled with trolls and whispering trees (with a little imagination) and two: you need to be strategic in choosing a walking buddy. This is because the track is too narrow to walk side by side your friend. So, it is important you pick someone with a nice behind, one that your eyes won’t get sick of following, or altenatively, someone who you don’t mind gazing at your toosh or someone you want to show your toned glutes to – okay, I think you get the picture. In addition to impressive scenic views (forest and butt), Halswell Quarry has some terrific viewpoints fitted with picnic benches where you can sit, relax and enjoy a potato chip or 10 – which I realise defeats the purpose of a walk but hey, life’s all about balance right?

Godley Head:
This track is definitely the most romantic of the lot. In fact, five minutes in, you’ll spot a solo picnic bench overlooking the sea -so serene, lovely and 100% First Date material. In addition, the entire track overlooks magnifient views of the sea and the rocky shoreline. If it’s your lucky day, you may even spot a cheeky seal, dolphin or whale! My favourite features of this track include having the luxury to cool down post-walk by dipping my toes in the ocean and the quirky holiday homes nearby.

Bridal Path:
The villan of all Christchurch tracks; do this one if you want to pass out. The word ‘steep’ needs to be hugely intensified in order to remotely describe the feeling (pain) which Bridal Path will induce. Let’s just say if Bridal Path were a weekday, it would be a Monday without a doubt. This means both walking up and down this track is hard (and dangerous – I may have slid on the shingle on the way down and grazed my knee a lottle). Either I’m extremely unfit or Bridal Path is a b**** – I vouch for the latter. Also, make sure to catch up over a cuppa either before or after your walk as you’re bound to be too out of breath for chit chat mid track. Nevertheless, the view at the top is truly breath-taking – Christchurch, you’re one heck of a beaut.

Although not as steep/intense as Bridal Path, Rapaki makes for a good work-out. If you’re reading this thinking “as if” or “too easy” then feel free to run/bike this track. As with Bridal Path, the view at the top (once you gradually make it – emphasis on gradually) is truly breathtaking – you know, in both senses of the word.


  1. I discovered your blog after you liked a Christchurch-related instagram picture of mine and I’m so happy with this post! I am new to Christchurch and love hiking, but it can be a bit tricky to find out where to go. I have so far been to Hagley Park, Godley Head and Rapaki, and now I’ll definitely be trying the others as well! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I wish I knew your name so I could address you personally! Nevertheless, I’m glad you like this post! Let me know how the others go once you give them a go! X


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