that time i went hiking with an 8kg watermelon and a concealed weapon in my backpack

On the last day of my wee holiday in the beautiful Bay of Plenty (situated in the North Island of NZ), I went hiking with an 8kg watermelon and a concealed weapon in my backpack. Yep, you read right. My cousin and I wrapped a very dangerous knife in two tea-towels (kids, don’t try this at home) and placed it in my backpack alongside a big round stripy watermelon. Why? 1.Addiction and 2.Because there truly is no other food one wishes to gulp after a long and sweaty hike. Seriously, no other.  I’m not going to lie, heaving an 8kg watermelon up a steep hill was not the most comfortable situation I’ve found myself in during my mere 22 years, yet every freakin’ sweaty step is totes worth it in the end (once you learn to disregard the sharp stomach pains eating too much watermelon can and most possibly will, induce that is)

After food and literature, my third favourite past-time are hikes. The feeling one receives after eventually (emphasis on eventually) reaching the top of a hill/mountain and as a reward, being greeted by ‘dat view tho’ is frankly incomparable. Except well, if you reach the top and get to smash your face into some sweet sweet melons (get your mind out of the gutter!).

Between the two of us, my cousin and I ate half a watermelon each. Minus two slices, which we generously (not really as two slices were truly zilch compared to the whole fruit) hand delivered to two tourists. So, if NZers get a reputations for being generous and self-less souls (as evident in former image), you know who to thank.


  1. hahahah love it!!!! youve always loved watermelon! I remember carrying a hugeeeeee watermelon to your house in haifa that was hell for me i wonder how you carried the watermelon up the mountain!!!


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