Review No18 Pure Cafe Co

Healthy eating in all it’s forms (paleo, raw, vegan etc) is seriously on trend right now. I don’t know about you but my Instagram feed is swamped with raw cheesecakes, superfood salads, acai bowls and quinoa. In short, healthy foods are rapidly taking over the culinary scene (and eventually the world), one raw snickers bar at a time. In Christchurch, the number one place for healthy yet delicious (yes, such a thing exists and these guys will prove it to you) is Pure Cafe Co.

It’s almost embarassing how long it’s taken me to do a write-up on Pure Cafe seeing as their food philosophy and mine are identical: healthy (yummy) food that’s good for you. Pure Cafe is all about recreating your favourite treats with wholesome, nutritious, local and mostly organic ingredients. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Sugar-free waffles? Raw Jaffa Slice? Protein Mancakes? Shut up and take my money.

For breakfast there’s an epic menu including oaty granola (pimped with activated nuts), power porridge, energy bowl, grain-free waffles and more. In addition; they serve superb coffee with the option of almond, rice or soy milk (every vegan’s sanctuary! Seriously, nowhere else in CHCH does this) and tasty smoothies served in glass jars – now, if that’s not trending, I don’t know what is.

For Lunch, choose from an extensive cabinet selection of pure goodness (see what I did there) including: healthy wraps, gluten-free sushi, vegan pizzas, superfood salads, buckwheat cakes, paleo hot pots and more. What’s more, each food item is distinctly labelled so you can clearly choose what type of health journey to embark on (GF, DF, V, paleo and so on).

For something sweet try their raw raspberry and beetroot cheesecake, paleo carrot cakes or a variety of clean cookies, slices and energy balls (nom nom). I dare you to choose just one thing.

In addition to insanely good food (and by good I mean next-level), the pure staff are super friendly and hospitable – once inside,  you won’t want to leave. But, when you eventually have to, pick a treat to take away. Seriously. No Ragrets.


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