Review No16 Pegasus Bay Winery

Yesterday, for my sister’s birthday my family and I dined at Pegasus Bay Winery; a rather ironic choice for a family that doesn’t drink alcohol but nevertheless an unforgettable experience. Just an hour from the city, Pegasus Bay Winery has long been a favourite for Cantabrians looking for a day trip to Italy (or France). Everything about PB oozed luxury and comfort. In fact, I believe everyone should dine at PB at least once a year. You know, to refuel – mind, body, soul, tastebuds, you name it – I was in complete rejuvination.

Of course, there’s a slight catch; the menu is a tad expensive… BUT, for what you get, it’s SO worth it. Seriously, take my word for it, every mouthful of the gnocchi I savoured for lunch was pure bliss. No wonder George Bernard Shaw once said: “there is no love sincerer than the love of food” for as the strawberry soufflé floated ever so gently across my tongue so too did my worries, troubles and sanity waft across the sweeping green lawns and out of sight.

In addition to the faultless food and the breathtakingly serene views, our waitress was an absolute delight. So attentive, calm and loveable, we felt we could stay at PB forever – ahhh if only!

Complimentary OH.MY.GAZPACHO
Lentil dip, spicy seeds and nuts, grilled piadina
Potato gnocchi, snow peas, asparagus, feta, pea
Strawberry soufflé, house made sorbet, baby basil
Lemon meringue tart, house made fromage blanc sorbet
Lemon verbena parfait, poached rhubarb, honey wafer

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