Homemade Vanilla Soft Serve

For me, summer is a season of contradictions. On the one hand, the hot weather makes me want to face-plant into a chocolate sundae and on the other, I want to lose weight.

My antidote: homemade vanilla soft serve.

Not only will my jeans thank me for shovelling this deliciousness down my gob instead of a Magnum, so will my busy schedule as this recipe literally takes less than a minute to get from my freezer, to my food processor, to my mouth.

4 frozen bananas (broken into small chunks)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 cup coconut or almond milk

Simply blend all ingredients in a high speed food processor until a smooth soft-serve consistency is achieved.

Enjoy immediately plain or top with yummy stuff.

I topped mine with coconut chips and Whittakers 72% dark chocolate…

Also good with fresh strawberries…

And natural peanut butter…

Or a mixture of both!

PS This recipe is not only healthy and delicious but also naturally free from dairy, gluten and refined-sugar, making it an ideal ice-cream alternative for you and your little munchkins! X


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