Beet Hummus

After the hair straightener, the food processor has to be the world’s greatest invention. With the leftover beetroot from my chocolate cake recipe (strange, but true), tonight I whipped up some beet hummus with 0 effort. If you’re wondering of the health benefits, beetroot has been linked with bettering stamina, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. In addition, a highly popular food in Roman times, beetroot was used to treat fever, constipation, wounds, skin problems and was even utilised as an aphrodisiac! (Don’t get too excited.)

In a food processor, simply chuck together and blend:

1 cooked, peeled beetroot (roughly chopped)
1 can all natural chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
1/4 cup organic tahini 
juice of one lemon 
2 tsp crushed garlic (2 cloves)
salt and pepper 


If the above history has inspired you to serve this pretty pink dip as an appetiser for your next hot date (for the health benefits, of course) then maybe omit the garlic.


    1. Nope! They’re my Japanese neighbors! My mum is in NZ! haven’t seen her for almost a year! But she and dad are coming to visit me very soon! You’ll see posts about it of course hehe


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