Chia Juice

Went to Piko yesterday (it’s a health-foods store here in Christchurch) and they were selling bottles of chia juice. Decided to make my own and ta-da:

1 cup fresh juice of your choice (I used freshly squeezed apple, orange and carrot)
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp chia seeds

Mix the chia seeds with the warm water and refrigerate overnight or for at least 3 hours.

In the morning, combine the chia seed mixture; which should now be a sort of “gel” with 1 cup of fresh juice and voila – enough juice for two!

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, protein, omega 3 fatty-acids, fibre and calcium so drink it up as a pick-me-up snack and your body will love you for it.



  1. I was really surprised when I was making chia pudding for the first time and left it in the fridge overnight because I didn’t believe you can get such gel or creamy texture:) This juice looks delicious and very healthy, I’m definitely trying out this recipe soon!

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