Review No11 Velvet Burger

If your youthful child/sibling/significant other/class-mate randomly goes missing on a Tuesday, they’re probably at Velvet Burger. Or, if for whatever reason, you are looking for the entire youth population of Christchurch, go to Velvet Burger on a Tuesday. Okay, I think you get the picture; young people dig Velvet Burger. But what’s so special about Tuesdays you say? From 12pm-5pm and 8pm-close, using a unique password which you can receive by signing up as a “GC” (a bawdy title for a club member), you can purchase two burgers for the price of one hence the young clientele (yes, i’m assuming most young people, like myself are penniless).

Last night, I dragged my sister’s fiancé, Andy to sample VB’s largest burger yet – the Manburger (pictured above).  Made up of streaky bacon, beef pattie, venison pattie, lamb pattie, crumbed chicken breast, cheese, relish and aioli, the Manburger is every vegans nightmare. I’m kidding, but I am also serious. Let’s just say after consuming five different types of animal flesh/an average person’s entire week’s worth of meat, you’ll start genuinely craving a green smoothie (unlike the rest of us who are just pretending). Nonetheless, for the meat loving male or FEMALE (you really didn’t think I’d let the sexist name slide, did you?), the Manburger is freakin’ epic; comfort food at its best. Plus, Velvet Burger is donating $1 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for every Manburger they sell. So, when you start lusting after a kale salad and Bart Simpson’s “you don’t win friends with salad” chant starts ringing in your ears, just remind yourself that it’s all for a good cause.

My sister and I don’t eat meat so we ordered the Animal Rights burger (love the name!) which consisted of a kumara and coriander pattie, salad, beetroot, a minty yoghurt sauce, aioli and velvet relish. It was incredibly moreish, so much so that I impolitely licked my fingers trying to get every last bit of it (sorry staff and other diners). So if you happen to be craving a good burger and by good I mean AWESOME (sorry stupid question what normal person isn’t?), I definitely recommend you try Velvet burger. Especially on a Tuesday because who doesn’t love a bargain?


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