Review No9 Le Panier Boulangerie

Instagram is a b****. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing pictures of fashion models holding nuttela crepes in front of the Eiffel tower (of course a male model in that position is a whole other story). For us somewhat secluded Kiwi’s, the city of lurve is not a mere plane ticket away (more like 5 – especially if you’re cheap/poor like me and end up purchasing a shit flight with a thousand stopovers). Consequently, sometimes a gal needs to get more creative in order to get her pastry fix. In Christchurch, Le Panier Boulangerie is the closest you’ll get to your much-needed Parisian get away.

As vital as eating healthy food is to your overall wellbeing, so is an occasional  treat (emphasis on occasional). With all those green smoothies and unpronounceable healthy-foods down our gobs, sometimes, believe it or not, were not “already sweet enough”.  I know of many people who love to indulge in a greasy cheeseburger or a creamy frosted donut for their “cheat meal”. However; I like my  “naughty” treats to be rich and decadent.  Call me pretentious but I like my treats high quality: fresh strawberries dipped in luxurious Swiss chocolate, ricotta and lemon tart, that sort of thing. So if that’s got your taste buds tingling, then I guarantee Le Panier is bound to have you salivating like theres no tomorrow!

Today I treated myself to an absolutely divine tart au chocolat. I adored it. I wanted to marry it. Seriously, I even shut my eyes and made those annoying mmmm noises throughout the entire indulging experience. Do you need anymore proof?!

I totes recommend you go! ASAP.


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