Review No7 White House Black

After seeing my friends’ pictures of White House Black’s scrumptious-looking food over various social media sites, I had been itching to try the place out for myself. This morning, I finally had my chance. From the outside, the grand black and white house instantly reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks’ film. Do you remember Noah’s house in The Notebook? The one he renovated in Ellie’s honor?  Of course you do, you bawled your eyes out – don’t worry, so did I. This setting is very much like that; spacious, green, serene and completely picturesque – you truly cannot help but to admire it!

homemade granola with honey sweetened Greek yoghurt, red fruit compote  

The interior of the building is also rather impressive. Not surprisingly, the theme is black and white but there’s nothing “black and white” about the place. My favorite details include the vintage typewriters on the brick wall and the cheekily written menus; “whack two eggs on top” and “full house – trust the force”, for example. Both my sister and I ordered the granola for breakfast. After recieving our granola (pictured above), we could not believe that it only cost $10 dollars! If you can name else where in Christchurch where one is able to get such a well presented, high-quality, fresh and delicious breakfast for such a low-price, I will seriously be impressed!

Last but not least, the maître d’ was very sweet and welcoming.

I definitely recommend you go, especially, on a gorgeous spring day like today!


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