Review No2 Chinwag Eathai

Who needs an overpriced holiday in Bangkok when you can simply dine at Chinwag Eathai?! Our overall experience tonight was ah-mazing (as ever). Chinwag’s beverage menu is by far the best I have seen in Christchurch. I kicked my evening off with a  “Night Market”; a freshly prepared juice; consisting of pineapple, passionfruit, lemongrass, mint and ginger whilst my sister had a “Ling Mao”; grapefruit, cucumber, lime, honey and mint – both to die for (so good that I slurped rather intensely trying to get every last bit! My apologies to staff and other diners).

yellow curry of pumpkin, mushrooms, herbs & cashew nuts 
wok fried green vegetables 
sticky rice, fresh mango, coconut cream

After being explained to, by our waiter, that the meals are designed to be shared, that is exactly what we did. The vegan curry (slightly too runny – ooh that rhymes) was a perfect combination of authentic Thai flavours. The wok fried vegetables were exceptionally tasty, fresh and crunchy. But, as per usual, dessert was my favourite part of the evening. The simple yet iconic sticky rice pudding transported me directly to the street food stalls of Bangkok; where the vendors so quickly yet effortlessly slice the mangoes with their huge sharp knives. For those yet to try this traditional Thai dessert, the pairing of rice with mango may seem unusual at first, but trust me – it’s good. Really good. In saying that, we couldn’t actually finish our pudding, as we were simply too riced-out by the end of the evening.

Last but not least, the decor was spectacular; gorgeous lantern chandeliers, dark wood and soft, moody lighting.

Having had an all-inclusive Thai experience, my only disappointment was not being able to catch a tuk-tuk ride home!

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